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Family Zangerl

The place of beginnings

A place of love: The Zangerl family and their children, Ignaz and Eugen, looked after Wippas Hoamatl and its possessions. Heinrich Zangerl’s youngest child Franz Xaver Zangerl later became father to a son, Eugen Zangerl. His marriage to Maria Anna Walser on 15 May 1933 was the start of a heartfelt union. It didn’t take long for the Wippas brothers to recognise the economic importance of the emerging tourism. The brothers always worked hard together as mountain guides, ski instructors, tax drivers and mountain inn landlords.

Franz Zangerl’s personality traits always included curiosity and sociability and made him into a prominent resident of Ischgl. Barely had someone arrived in the village and they were captivated by charismatic Franz.

Whether it was to find out the latest stories or simply to make contacts. Dressed in just his socks, nothing stopped him from socialising

Curiosity and sociability have always been among Franz Zangerl’s characteristic traits, making him a well-known resident of Ischgl. As soon as someone arrived in the village, they were intercepted by the charismatic Franz.

Whether it was to find out the latest stories or simply to socialise. Dressed only in socks on his feet, nothing could stop him from socialising.

galerie 01 hotel sonne ischgl geschichte
galerie 01 hotel sonne ischgl familiengeschichte
galerie 01 hotel in ischgl zentrum familiengeschichte
galerie 01 hotel sonne ischgl geschichte agenes eugen

1926 - Start of the origin

The sun rises

The beginnings of today’s Top Hotel Sonne were established for the first time in 1926. The former landlord Aloys had the Gasthof Sonne (picture 1 and 2) converted and expanded – a spectacle that even the newspapers reported on.

Eugen and Agnes Zangerl were very interested in purchasing the restaurant,
until they could finally call it their own in 1970.

3 June 1963

Wedding - Agnes & Eugen

Behind the successful Eugen Zangerl was always a capable woman, Agnes Zangerl (née Falkner). Her home was the idyllic Ötztal valley, where she was born on 9 January 1943. The 3 June 1963 was the happiest day of her successful life. Agnes, who learned her trade in gastronomy, had previously worked at all kinds of businesses in Hochsölden and St. Anton am Arlberg, before she started her professional career in Ischgl. Once she had arrived in Ischgl, she got to know the dashing ski instructor Eugen.
galerie 02 eugen der kleine sonnenwirt hotel sonne
galerie 02 eugen zangerl hotel sonne ischgl
galerie 02 hotel sonne ischgl geschichte zangerl
galerie 02 hotel trisanna ischgl familiengeschichte


Haus Trisanna

Franz Zangerl acquired his sister Theresa’s land in 1985 and converted Haus Trisanna, which stood on it back then, into a bed and breakfast. The first milestone had been laid in terms of hospitality. Nestled into a picturesque setting and with a great view, the conversion back then was a good investment.

industrious togehter, aconstant love of home.

Sonnenwirt Eugen Zangerl

Born on 3 October 1933, passed away on † 17 January 2009 Always hard-working and striving for this family’s well-being, Eugen Zangerl experienced exciting activities and drastic events in and around his home village of Ischgl. Even at a young age the little Sonne landlord was not afraid of Tyrolean Grey cattle. You could see his attachment to the mountains from his own mountain guide badge. Totally in keeping with tradition, proper Lederhosen were an absolute must.
familie zangerl hotel sonne in ischgl zentrum

a family with character

Family Zangerl

Agnes and Eugen Zangerl became parents to four wonderful daughters over the years: Angelika, Brigitte, Gabriele and Sonja. Each of the daughters also still continues the family tradition today. However, it’s Sonja and Peter Zangerl with Chiara and Luca who run Hotel Sonne. Together they make it possible for every guest to enjoy a unique holiday in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps…

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