Summer holiday in the mountains

5 reasons for a summer vacation in Tyrol


Summer vacation – where do we go? To the mountains or rather to the beach? We don’t even have to ask ourselves this question, because summer in the mountains is simply unique! We have thought about why this is actually so and have summarized the following 5 reasons for you:

Der Klang und der Duft des Sommers

1. The sound and scent of summer

Chirping birds, babbling mountain streams, the sound of the wind in the branches of the trees and when you hike up a few meters of altitude the absolute silence. Now and then you can still hear the cowbells in the background. This is the sound of summer in Ischgl. In addition, freshly mown meadows and the warming rays of the sun on your skin. That is summer!

Tiroler Bergseen

2. Tyrolean mountain lakes

No matter what hike, you almost always pass some mountain lake. The best feeling is: take off your hiking boots, take off your socks, put your feet in the ice-cold water and just enjoy the moment.


3. Huts & alpine pastures

After a strenuous climb, there’s nothing better than a refreshing bike beer and a tasty bacon sandwich. While enjoying the wonderful view, the beautiful weather and life in general.


4. Sunrise hikes

“Tomorrow I’ll get up extra early to watch the sunrise at the summit!”. The day before that always seems to be a particularly good idea and in the morning we usually curse ourselves. However, nothing beats the moment when you really reach the summit before sunrise and can witness the spectacle of nature. The early rising is then suddenly forgotten very quickly.


5. Relaxations

And the most important reason of all? The recreation! Feel the power of the mountains, the flower meadows, the fresh mountain air and the power of Tyrol. Here you can forget about everyday life and recharge your batteries for everyday life!

Convince yourself and come to us in Ischgl on your next summer vacation!

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