What should not be missing on your winter holiday?

Pack your bags for Ischgl


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While some people have already packed all their suitcases weeks in advance in the hectic anticipation, others haven’t even thought about their luggage two hours before departure.

No matter which category you belong to – our packing list will help you to be well prepared for your winter trip to Ischgl.

First things first

There are a few things that you should always have with you when travelling – even on an Ischgl ski trip. Therefore ALWAYS pack the following:

  • Passport
  • E-card /
  • health insurance card
  • Credit card
  • money
  • Proof of booking
  • List of emergency numbers
  • Mobile phone / smartphone

Winter equipment

Of course it is also possible to hire ski equipment in Ischgl. But at the end of the day, you’d rather be travelling with your own equipment, wouldn’t you?

  • Ski / Snowboard
  • Ski boots / snowboard boots
  • Ski poles
  • bag
  • Helmet & back protector
  • Ski goggles & sunglasses
  • Ski jacket & trousers
  • Ski underwear
  • gloves
  • Cap / Headband

Other clothing

Even if you spend most of your time on the piste, you should still pack a T-shirt or two for days off or evenings out:

  • T-shirts, jackets & jumpers
  • Jeans & casual trousers
  • Underwear & (thick) socks
  • Winter boots
  • pyjamas
  • Evening wear

Health & hygiene

Especially for the day after après-ski, it makes sense to pack an aspirin. And there are also a few other health and hygiene items you should think about:

  • Toothbrush & pasta
  • Hairbrush, hair ties & comb
  • deodorant
  • Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam
  • Nail care set
  • Shaver
  • Make-up utensils
  • Sun cream
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Handkerchiefs
  • plasters
  • Glasses / contact lenses
  • First-aid kit


The most important points have been ticked off. But there are also a few things that you should definitely pack in your suitcase:

  • Books, music & games for indoors
  • camera
  • charging cable
  • headphones
  • Socket adapter
  • Luggage tag

You should now have everything you need for a winter holiday with us in Ischgl in your suitcase. And if, contrary to expectations, you (or we) have forgotten something, don’t panic: There are several small shops in Ischgl for all possible needs. And if you can’t find something urgently needed in Ischgl, the nearest larger town is not far away 😉

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