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The hut classic Kaiserschmarrn


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During a perfect day on the slopes, a relaxing stop at one of the many ski huts in the Silvretta Arena is a must. The offerings at the ski huts range from sweet to savoury and from international to very traditional. Our favourite, however, is and will always be the classic Kaiserschmarrn and for this very reason we would like to show you how you can bring a piece of that “hut feeling” home with you.

The Kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn originated in Vienna, but of course it should not be missing from any menu in Tyrol. The history of this dish goes back a long way and is associated with many legends. The best-known myth goes back to Empress Elisabeth, who was very figure-conscious and always wanted to be cooked light meals. The court’s own cooks went to great lengths to create their own dishes, including the Kaiserschmarrn, which is basically nothing more than a torn pancake. However, the empress rejected the hearty dish because of its fat content. Her husband Emperor Fanz Joseph, however, liked the dish from the very beginning and the Kaiserschmarrn was born.

This is how it is made…

First separate the eggs and beat the egg whites separately in a bowl until foamy. Place the egg yolks, milk, salt, sugar and grated lemon in a bowl and mix until thick. Then add the flour to the ingredients, stirring constantly until a dough mixture is formed.

A little tip: Add a dash of mineral water to make the Schmarrn fluffier. If you like, you can also add sultanas or a small dash of rum. Finally, carefully fold the beaten egg whites into the batter.

Heat some butter and/or oil in a pan and add the ingredients. Cook over a medium heat until the underside of the Schmarrn is golden, then use a spatula or fork to tear the dough into small pieces and turn until all the pieces are golden brown.

Finally, sprinkle the sugar over the Schmarren, stir a few times so that it caramelises and serve with icing sugar, apple sauce or damson roast.

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